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Brand Strategy

Marketing Audits

Do you know your marketing activity isn’t delivering, but don’t know to detect and address specific weaknesses to improve performance? A Hum marketing audit will provide a systematic review of your marketing function, based on our five pillars of marketing excellence - Strategy, Organisational Structure, Brand, Marketing Communications, Resource Management and Performance. See examples

Brand Audits

Reaching your target audience and raising your profile is all about the power of your brand story.  Even if you think you don’t have a brand story or don’t really need one, chances are you customers and competitors have already created one for you. The bottom line – if you’re not in charge of your brand story, someone else is. We can help you reclaim your brand story and start making all the right noises. 
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Marketing Plans

Your marketing dollar is precious, so where you spend it and how you measure results -increased brand profile, revenue and profitability – is crucial. What’s your core business? Are competitors already there? What do your customers want? How much will they pay for it? And how do you reach them? A strong marketing plan will answer all these questions and provide a tactical road map to help you get there. 
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