Once you make a splash you have to go the distance


Media Relations

Sick of reading about competitors, but your business never gets a mention? Becoming a trusted source to your industry media is a sure fire way to boost your profile and connect with new customers. Our services include workshops to identify media stories and train your spokespeople, copy writing  to shape your message and media relations to place stories and interviews. It’s easier than you think to get that press coverage flowing!

Copy Writing

A marketing colleague once told me “copy writing is fun as long as I’m energised and inspired and have a few hours of quiet time as my desk", how often does that happen I asked? "Yeah, I guess I haven’t done it for a while", she laughed. And this was a gifted writer talking! Sometimes it’s not about talent, it’s about time. Thousands of dollars in web and print spend are wasted if your copy doesn’t make people take action.

Brochures & Sales Tools

Like so many things in life, effective marketing is about being in the right place at the right time, talking to the right person. And the art of persuasion lies in talking about what that person is interested in – what’s in it for them. So why do so many brochures talk about the company instead of its customers? Tie marketing tools to customer needs at each point of contact to see a real difference in customer satisfaction and new business. See examples

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